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Canada Day Entertainment 2024


Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey into the heart of Bollywood with none other than Bollywood Rhythm! These dynamic dancers are here to infuse every beat with the magic of India’s film industry. Get ready to move and groove as they lead us through a mesmerizing dance extravaganza!!!

12:00 pm

Bollywood Rhythm

Fighting Griffin Martial Art

Hanshi Scott Hogarth stands as an unparalleled figure in the martial arts world, a genuine friend, exceptional teacher, and outstanding martial artist whose journey exemplifies the transformative power inherent in martial arts. With an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Hogarth achieved black belts in eight disciplines, including Kung Fu, Hap Ki Do, and Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate. His commitment to learning under diverse Senseis, including a rare acceptance by Sensei Toyama, showcases his extraordinary skill. An unprecedented 12-time world champion, with back-to-back titles in 1992 and 1993, underscores Hogarth’s unparalleled commitment. His most recent world title dedicated to a student lost to cancer reflects not just skill but heartfelt dedication. Currently, Hanshi Hogarth focuses on traditional Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate, Hap Ki Jitsu, and kobudo (weapons) alongside his wife Kyoshi Tammy Hogarth at Fighting Griffin Martial Arts in Milton, Ontario. Service to the community, as a firefighter and paramedic, mirrors martial arts values of courage and compassion.

1:10 pm

Fighting Griffin

Hayley Verral

Hayley Verrall, a rising pop country artist from Burlington, Ontario, draws inspiration from icons like Dolly Parton and Shania Twain, as well as contemporary talents like Miranda Lambert and Gabby Barrett. Her latest single, “Slow Motion,” with over 300,000 streams, emphasizes cherishing life’s moments by embracing a slower pace. Honored to open for musicians like Dan Hill and Burton Cummings, Hayley has gained recognition, including induction into the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Hall of Fame in 2020 and a 2022 silver award from the International Singer Songwriters Association. Her music, blending heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, encourages listeners to savor life’s magic and be present in unforgettable experiences. Hayley’s vibrant shows celebrate life, love, and the world, making her a must-see for fans of uplifting music, whether in the pop country genre or beyond.

2:00 pm

Hayley Verral

Tree Top Poets

Rock n’ Roll. This is the spirit that defines the Tree Top Poets, a three-piece classic rock band based out of Milton, Ontario. This seasoned and well experienced combo has been together for many years and draws upon a wide variety of musical influences from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s to deliver a high energy show and an unforgettable musical experience! Whether they are playing bars, festivals, or parties, this band always delivers. Drawing on musical influences such as CCR, Journey, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, and The Tragically Hip, the Tree Top Poets always provide a great performance that resonates with audiences that see them live.

 For more information, please visit the band’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TreeTopPoets

3:00 pm

Tree Top Poets

The Chunky Monkeys

The Chunky Monkeys are an all-sister fundraising & music therapy band which was created around a campfire over 4 years ago. They do regular Music Therapy performances for our beloved elderly community. They also do Music Therapy for dementia patients, people living with brain injuries, autism, down syndrome & other special needs. These 3 sisters also do regular community performances where they raise donations for Hospice Vaughan, palliative care.  To date they have raised $5,247, and their journey continues, spreading happiness & love in their community.

4:00 pm

The Chunky Monkey's

Jessica Sole

For emerging artist, Jessica Sole, it’s always been about the storytelling. Based in small town, Shelburne, Ontario, Jessica is no stranger to hard work, down home roots, and dreaming big. Since the release of her debut EP, Think of Us, Jessica has been deemed “One of the hardest working artists in the Ontario country scene” and has been making waves in the Canadian country music scene. Her current single, “Heads Up”, hit number 1 on Sirius XM’s Top of the Country Radio station, marking Jessica’s first number one, and 5th top 40 single on the station. With over 4.5 million streams on TikTok alone, Jessica’s single “Fallin’ For You” became a milestone release. Written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, “Fallin’ For You” landed Jessica placements on several curated playlists on Apple Music and Amazon Music, including the playlist cover for Amazon Music’s Playlist “Breakthrough Country” during the 2023 Canadian Country Music Awards Week. “Fallin’ For You” is the lead single off of Jessica’s unreleased album, which was recorded at the iconic Nashville based “Blackbird Studios”, and can be found on all streaming platforms.

5:00 pm

Jessica Sole

Urban Cowboy Line Dancing

6:00 pm

Urban Cowboy Line Dancing

Acme Hi-Fi

We are a professional cover band consisting of five members, based in Milton, Ontario that play a wide range of Rock, Classic Rock, Pop & Top 40 songs from the late 1960s to the present day.

ACME Hi-Fi members have had numerous years, experience and good fortune to headline prestigious venues, such as festivals, fairs, private parties, fund raisers, special events held by local communities as well as local bar establishments. For us the band, we’re all in our mid-30s to early 50s. For our performances, we stick to a tried-and-true formula in which we consider the wants and needs of the client or customer and make adjustments as needed throughout the show. Our stage etiquette consists of a steady, confident and energetic performance accompanied by well-rehearsed music. As previously mentioned, ACME Hi-Fi plays a wide variety of well-known songs, but we specialize and play obscure tunes and songs from time to time that one might not think of or associate with a rock act. Our ultimate goal is to continuously provide memorable live entertainment for patrons while simultaneously satisfying the establishment.

Stage Introduction

7:00 pm

Acme Hi Fi

Pulse X

Hailing from Acton, ON this dynamic rock pop and retro band brings a high-energy performance to every stage they conquer. With a mix of infectious tunes and electrifying stage presence, they guarantee a night of non-stop dancing and entertainment. Prepare to be blown away by their live music experience!
Covering songs from all different music genres, performing all the great hits with their own twists.
You will be sure to be dancing and having a great time!
“The Best of Rock, Pop and Retro”

8:30 pm

Pulse X
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